Outdoor Living Experts in Keller TX

At Hillman Outdoor Living, we believe there is no one way to transform an outdoor living space. For over 20 years, we’ve proudly offered a variety of services to help homeowners achieve the living space of their dreams. Through quick responses and excellent communication every step of the way, we have established ourselves as the specialists of outdoor living in Keller TX and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area.


The centerpiece of any outdoor living area has got to be the outdoor kitchen. At Hillman, we take great pride in extending your functional living space to the outdoors, where you can entertain family and friends. We take our customers’ lifestyle as well as the architecture of their home into account when crafting customized outdoor kitchens. Hillman also has plenty of experience in building grills, wine bars, wood-fired ovens, and more!


To really transform your living space, we recommend implementing retaining walls into your outdoor area! Retaining walls in Keller TX are known to be beautiful, but they also serve functional purposes, too. These walls can support changes in elevation that exist on your property and can also prevent soil erosion. Our goal when building retaining walls on your property is to seamlessly incorporate them into your landscape, accentuating its natural beauty.


A mainstay of quality outdoor living, nothing welcomes guests to your outdoor space like quality patios do! In addition to looking great, patios also enhance your home’s functional living area. At Hillman, we have years of experience in the planning, design and installation of flagstone patios, brick pavers and more! Once we’re able to chat with you about your needs, we can carefully plan a patio that works for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more about installing a patio in Keller, TX.


Decks have a way of providing relaxation and ease in a way that not a lot of other structures can. We are experienced in building decks in a variety of materials, including cedar, pine, and vinyl. Custom decking and fencing is known to enhance the value of your home, while also providing a fabulous area to entertain. Call us today to find out how we can equip your home with this classic outdoor living area!